Definitions for "Application Identifier"
Keywords:  ean, ucc, prefix, rpcs, follow
A 2-position code in a record which identifies the type of application data in the transaction file and the task to be performed; for example, EI = Entry Summary Input.
a prefix code used to identify the meaning and the format of the data that follows it (data field)
A UCC/EAN prefix that defines the meaning and purpose of the data element that follows, as defined in ANSI/UCC4, UCC/EAN-128 Application Identifier Standard. For more information go to the Uniform Code Council web site.
Keywords:  vtam, applid, cics, logical, parameter
The name by which a logical unit is known in a VTAM(R) network. The CICS applid is specified in the APPLID system initialization parameter.
The name of an application as defined to VTAM.
The identity of a specification of how the data are recorded on the current Volume Group.