Definitions for "Appliance"
A thing applied or used as a means to an end; an apparatus or device; as, to use various appliances; a mechanical appliance; a machine with its appliances.
An apparatus or device, usually powered electrically, used in homes to perform domestic functions. An appliance is often categorized as a major appliance or a minor appliance by its cost. Common major appliances are the refrigerator, washing machine, clothes drier, oven, and dishwasher. Some minor appliances are a toaster, vacuum cleaner or microwave oven.
A fixed or removable device which the orthodontist uses to change the position of teeth or jaws
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A collection device worn by people with ostomies; usually a specially made pouch or bag attached to the body to collect stool, also called a "pouch."
an adhesive bag worn to collect waste
A plastic bag which is affixed to a stoma and collects waste material (stool or urine) after ostomy surgery.
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an oxymoron IMHO
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a ready-to-go software-and-hardware combination that can be installed on the outermost edge of a company's network
Generic term applied to any nozzle, wye, siamese, deluge monitor, or other piece of hardware used in conjunction with fire hose for the purpose of delivering water; a thing that water passes through is termed an appliance.
A self-contained system dedicated to accomplishing a specific task or serving a specific role. An appliance is typically streamlined for efficient processing by including only those components necessary to accomplish the task. An ideal appliance requires minimal configuration or maintenance attention during its life cycle. rPath technologies provide tools to develop, deploy, and update software appliances and virtual appliances. See also: hardware appliance.
an IT system that's easy to buy and essentially runs itself
a knee brace which is an essential part of a repair to a cruciate (knee) ligament a spinal support which is an essential part of surgery to the spine a hand splint which is an essential part of surgery to correct Dupuytren's contracture (thickening of the connective tissue of the hand).
The act of applying; application.
A collection of related services in which all dependent services are bundled into one optimized package.
collection of related server applications in which all dependent applications are bundled into one optimized package.
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subservience; compliance.
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See "Component."
An appliance a component plus its meta-data. Used in Merlin.
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a hell of a lot more than just the filtering /proxy / firewall software
See software appliance
a pivotal product entry for the networking giant
A server or other computer that is designed for a highly specialized, dedicated use, such as Web hosting or Web storage.  Appliances are often low-cost and easy to implement.
a machine greater than the sum of its parts
a situation where the parts, taken individually, may well be greater than the whole
a tool or machine adapted for a special purpose
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an aid to function or capacity if it helps a person in performing activities of daily living
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a great place to put it early on
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durable goods for home or office use
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a means to an end, the court had reasoned