Definitions for "Applet"
A small Java application capable of being embeded into a regular HTML page. Java applets differ from applications which can stand alone and function without a browser. Java is completely disparate from JavaScript.
A tag in an HTLM page of data, to be downloaded to a web browser. A Java program is downloaded with the data, to run on the browser and manipulate the data.
Small program written in the Java programming language. The applet runs on your computer, not on the web hosting server. So it is not dependent on the web hosting server at all. Java Applets can be embedded in any HTML page on your site.
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a software implementation of the Jukebox, a mechanical puzzle by Oskar van Deventer, see photo below
a software implementation ofthe Vending Machine puzzle, a mechanical puzzle by Oskar van Deventer,
a ButtonPanelHost if it has the methods turnon() and turnoff() and also a method response(int)
an advection-diffusion simulation
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Deprecated. Defines an applet 2.0 3.0 TF
a database created by another HanDBase enthusiast
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an embeddable window (see
Keywords:  stp, density, converter
an STP to density converter
a nifty class combining elements of a sophisticated graphics window with easy-to-use networking capabilities
Keywords:  hex, rgb, input, convert, utility
a utility to convert RGB input to Hex values
a class of like parts
an instance of a class which extends from javacard
a Panel, which is a Container, which is a Component
a subclass of Panel
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a common example of such Components
an example of a GUI component
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a waste of time
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an example of a container