Definitions for "App "
Atactic polypropylene. A plastic polymer used in the modification of asphalt.
Atactic Polypropylene, a type of torch down rolled roofing material, generally used with flat roofs.
Atactic Polypropylene or torch-on cap sheet.
Amyloid Precursor Protein (APP) is a protein of uncertain function that is normally found in the brain. In Alzheimer's disease, APP is abnormally degraded resulting in the formation of amyloid.
Amyloid Precursor Protein. the larger protein from which beta amyloid is formed. Can be caused by a mutation in chromosome 21, a genetic trait.
amyloid precursor protein. A protein found in the brain, heart, kidneys, lungs, spleen, and intestines. The normal function of APP in the body is unknown. In Alzheimer’s disease, APP is abnormally processed and converted to beta amyloid protein. Beta amyloid is the protein deposited in amyloid plaques.
The Association of Professional Piercers, is a non-profit organization based out of Georgia. You can visit their website at
Primarily American professional piercing association
Association of Professional Piercers. "The APP is an international non-profit association dedicated to the dissemination of vital health and safety information related to body piercing to piercers, health care providers and the general public. The group believes that it is the obligation of all professionals in the field to assume responsibility for their continued education. The organization dedicates itself to enabling this responsibility to be met."
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(Approach control) Directs flights arriving at and departing from an airport in a specific area of the control zone (– CTR) and of the terminal control area, which is usually within a 50 km radius of the airport. Approach and departure procedures There are standardised take-off and landing procedures (– SID, STAR) at airports and aerodromes equipped to authorise IFR (–) traffic. These procedures were developed jointly by skyguide and the airport operator to ensure maximum safety and improved traffic flow, as well as to reduce noise pollution. The procedures are verified and approved by FOCA (–).
Atelier de Pédagogie Personnalisée (Individualised learning workshop)
The Abused Persons Program operates from the MidCounty Health and Human Services Building, 1301 Piccard Drive, Rockville. Phone 240-777-4210.
Advance Payment Program. Red Carpet Lease program that permits the lessee to prepay all monthly lease payments up-front. Lessee receives a discount in the form of a reduction in their RCL monthly lease payment. At lease end, a final invoice is generated for any unpaid excess mileage, wear and use charges and other miscellaneous charges. Please see your dealer for details.
See Application Portability Profile.
Application Portability Profile. The NIST APP is the structure that integrates US federal, national, international, and other specifications to provide the functionality necessary to accommodate the broad range of US federal information technology requirements.
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Automatic Payment Plan. The SBLI feature, when elected, that allows payment of SBLI premiums through electronic funds transfer (EFT). The premium amount is automatically debited from a checking account and the transaction appears on the monthly checking account statement. See also: Electronic Funds Transfer.
Automatic Power Provisioning
'App' is a preprocessor for C++ that accepts as input arbitrary C++ code that may contain embedded constructs for specifying algebraic data types and associated pattern matching operations, and produces as output the same code with all such constructs translated to normal C++.
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Agana Power Plant
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let A program that can be downloaded over a network and launched on the user's computer.
let: A small piece of software which usually runs in a web browser as part of a web page. Using applets can disrupt robots and spiders/crawlers to search for keywords on the site.
Applicant - An entity that has filed an application for status with the Alaska Division of Insurance. They may not conduct business while they are an applicant. Their status can be * Application received - pending, not yet able to conduct business* Application denied* Application withdrawn* When the application is approved, the record is moved to the appropriate organization type
Alternative Pricing Proposal Alternative pricing proposal (APP) dockets are initiated when a utility files a proposal to set rates that are not based on traditional rate-regulation factors.
An abbreviation of 'Application'. The term 'application' is used for computer software and/or programs.
Abbreviation for application, which is any software program developed for custom or off-the-shelf use
Abbreviated Permit Process (for issuing letters of permission).
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Asia Pulp & Paper
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studio apartment/flat Apartment/Appartement
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Annual procurement plan.
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Ascend Password Protocol
Advance Passenger Processing
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Appropriate Personal Pension
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see casting application.
a complete, self-contained program that performs a specific function directly for the user.
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Apple Apple key
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Application (file name extension) [R:Base
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App is short for Application.
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A trade expression for the insurance application. See Application. (G)
Appears, Appearance