Definitions for "Apostles"
The twelve followers of Jesus; means "a person who is sent to preach the gospel".
Literally meaning "sent ones." In the Gospel of Luke, the inner circle of Jesusâ€(tm) 12 helpers were called apostles before his crucifixion. After his resurrection, the criteria to be an apostle is that you had to have been following Jesus before his death, and be an eye-witness after he rose again. The claim to apostleship by Paul of Tarsus was in dispute because his first contact was a vision of Jesus long after his ascension into Heaven.
The disciples of Lord Jesus and St. Paul, Who carried out the spread of Spirituality according to the teachings of Jesus.
Intellectual society formed at Cambridge University in 1820. Members have included Alfred Tennyson, Arthur Hallam, Bertrand Russell and E.M. Forster.
( a·POS·tles). Anciently individuals charged with a specific commission, by those with authority, and granted power to execute it. More Information.