Definitions for "Apostille"
Official government authentication of a document, usually by the State Department, Justice Ministry or Foreign Ministry, which legalizes it for use in another country. This service is included in The Company Corporation's international package.
An apostille or exemplified copy of a vital record is a copy that contains the original signature of the registrar or equivalent senior government official.
A certification from the Secretary of State's office verifying the authenticity of a document's notarization.
A marginal note on a letter or other paper; an annotation.
An apostille, or postil, is properly a gloss on a scriptural text, particularly on a gospel text, however it has come to mean an explanatory note on other writings. The word is also applied to a general commentary, and also to a homily or discourse on the gospel or epistle appointed for the day.
an internationally recognized form of legalization, giving the IBC the ability to conduct business anywhere in the world
a form of verification issued by a Competent Authority in the
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