Definitions for "APL "
A Programming Language. An IBM programming language product.
Stands for A Programming Language. A highly sophisticated programming language that has the ability of generating functions such as matrixes and loops. It was created in 1960 by Ken Inverson.
A Programming Language. The first multidimensional computer language, and the title of a book by Ken Iverson, published in 1962. APL is still in limited use, particularly in older forecasting and planning applications, but is rarely used for new systems.
The formal accreditation of prior-learning (more usually of traditional formal qualifications).
The formal accreditation of prior learning where experience can also be given accreditation. The latter may be of professional or of more general life-experiences depending on the reasons for accreditation. Strict criteria for accreditation procedures must be formalised in order for this system to operate satisfactorily.
Assessment of Prior Learning, see also Assessment of Prior Learning
automatic premium loan. A life insurance nonforfeiture option that allows the insurer to pay overdue premiums on a policy by establishing a loan against the policy's cash value. See also nonforfeiture options.
Automatic Premium Loan. An optional policy provision that allows the insurer to pay an overdue premium on a life insurance policy by making a loan against the policy's cash value.
Automatic Premium Loan. This is a non-forfeiture feature that is available for whole life insurance policies. If for some reason the policyowner does not make the planned premium payment, it will be taken as a loan against the policy and the policy will remain in force. ()
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a non-self-propelled barracks barge
barracks ship
average picture level. The average signal level with respect to blanking during the active picture time. APL is expressed as a percentage of the difference between the blanking and reference white levels.
Average level of luminance signal within Active Image. Usually expressed as a percentage of Reference White Level As a name of test signal: " APL" is often incorrectly used instead of " Flat Field"
Abbreviation for average picture level. A video quality parameter.
Acute promyelocytic leukemia. A subtype of AML. APL patients undergo a different treatment regimen than those with AML.
antiphospholipid antibodies
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AppleTalk connector
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Assistant Patrol Leader
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Above Poverty Line
Analog Private Line. A dedicated or leased (not dial-up) line. Users pay a flat fee and have use of the line 24 hours a day.
Application Library is a C++ template class library. It includes many classes and routines for working with file systems, sockets, and databases. APL can be compiled for various platforms.
ALLOWANCE PARTS LIST. Repair parts required for units having the equipment/ component listed.