Definitions for "API"
Application Program Interface - specification of the external interface of code objects, including the invocation protocol details for the operations on the objects; most useful for documenting reusable objects
Apple Talk Application (Program)
Application Program Interface. It is a set of standard software interrupts, calls, functions, and data formats that can be used by an application program to access network services, devices, or operating systems.
Active pharmaceutical ingredient. It is the part of a medicine that makes it cure a disease or relieve the symptoms of the disease.
Association of Pharmaceutical Importers
(Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) The substance or substances in a drug product which is responsible for the indicated use.
Armor Piercing Incendiary@ÄˆÎ“Ob'eBGAU-8‚ÉŽg—p‚³‚ê‚é—ò‰»ƒEƒ‰ƒ“'ec‚Ì“Ob'e‚ŁA‘•bŠÑ“OŒãA“à•”‚É”òŽU‚µ‚1/2—ò‰»ƒEƒ‰ƒ“‚Ì'f•Ð‚ªŽ©‘R”­‰Î‚µA‰ÎÐ‚ðˆø‚«‹N‚±‚·B
Abbreviation for Armor-Piercing Incendiary (ammunition). See Armor.
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Alaska Psychiatric Institute
(ah-pee)- Snow on the open ground. Eskimo word from the Kobuk Valley, Alaska.
Air Pollution Index
Age Participation Index
antecedent precipitation index. An index to soil moisture within a drainage basin.
Aerial photo interpretation/aerial photogrammetry Brocklehurst, pers. comm., 2000
Aerial photographic interpretation. The process of visually interpreting aerial photographs.
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Academic Performance Index. A numeric ranking of a school's academic performance. The API is based on the cumulative body of results on the Stanford 9 standardized exam in relationship to the state's content standards.
Academic Performance Index. The API is a score on a scale of 200 to 1000 that annually measures the academic performance and progress of individual schools in California. On an interim basis, the state has set 800 as the API score that schools should strive to meet. AYP - Adequate Yearly Progress.
Academic Performance Index. A statewide ranking of schools based on student test scores from the CAT/6, CST, and high school exit exam; it ranges from 200 to 1000. Most schools have an API, a state ranking (by elementary, middle, or high school), a ranking in comparison to 100 similar schools, and growth targets for the following year. (Ed-data)
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merican etroleum nstitute
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Australian Property Institute. Australian professional body in the field of property and valuation. Formerly known as Australian Institute of Valuers and Land Economists (AIVLE), Australian Institute of Valuers and Land Administrators (AIVLA), Australian Institute of Valuers (AIV), and Commonwealth Institute of Valuers.
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Api is the highest peak in the Yoka Pahar Section of the Nepal Himalaya. It is a little-known peak in a rarely visited part of the Himalaya, but it rises dramatically over the low surrounding terrain.
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Asian Pacific Islanders. Also called APA or Asian Pacific Americans.
A race/origin category used by the Census Bureau that consists of Asian or Pacific Island descent.
Advanced Mobile Phone Service is an analog system that was first deployed in 1984. Advanced Mobile Phone Service; the standard for analog cellular telephones; uses a frequency-modulated transmission and frequency spacing to separate user transmission; operates in the 800MHz band. To send data a modem is required on both ends creating a circuit connection. The geographical area is divided into adjacent, non-overlapping, hexagonal-shaped "cells." Each cell has its own transmitter and receiver (called a base station) to communicate with the mobile units in that cell; a mobile switching station coordinates the handoff of mobile units crossing cell boundaries. Portions of the radio spectrum are reused, greatly expanding system capacity but also increasing infrastructure complexity and cost.* AMPS is the only ubiquitous standard for North America* Most digital cellular phones have AMPS fallback mode
A tool which enables users to retrieve and update all data elements in an integrated system.
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Andrium Producers of the Imperium.
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Apoyando Apple Talk
American Petroleum Association
American Petroleum Institute.
See Advanced Passenger Information.
Advance Passenger Information
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Area Code Aynchronous
Addition-reaction polyimides
Asynchronous Attenuation
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OLE for Process Control (OPC)
Annual Parasite Incidence. API = (confirmed cases during 1 year/population under surveillance) x 1000.
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variety of surgeon fish
assistant primary instructor
atmospheric pressure ionization
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Measure of an oil's gravity High API numbers (say high 30s) denote light oil. Low API numbers (below 20 denote heavy oil)
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Actual Price Index. An index which measures the aggregate price level of actual rates for all capped services.
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Air Position Indicator
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See Net8 Open.
Animal Product Information [Customer Information Note