Definitions for "Apache "
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Apache is the world's most popular HTTP server, being quite possibly the best around in terms of functionality, efficiency, security and speed.
Apache is one of the most popular web servers on the Internet. Developed by a team of programmers working together via the Internet, with the source code scrutinized by hundreds of others, Apache has developed a reputation for robustness and speed that is unparalleled. More information on Apache can be found on the APACHE website.
Apache is probably the world's most popular open-source web server. An extremely powerful, robust and stable HTTP server with CGI, SSL, and other more advanced features available through optional add-in modules.
any member of Athapaskan tribes that migrated to the southwestern desert (from Arizona to Texas and south into Mexico); fought a losing battle from 1861 to 1886 with the United States and were resettled in Oklahoma
a Parisian gangster
(Uh-PATCH-ee) Indian Nomadic and warlike Indians of the American Southwest.
French stand-off weapon dispenser
In early 1995, a group of webmasters decided to get together and expand on the original NCSA HTTP daemon (webserver software), and Apache was born. Today,...
An Apache is a gun made up of multiple other weapons The gun incorperates a knuckle duster in the grip and also a foldout knife, making the gun an early form of the Swiss Army Knife. Because of its lack of a barrel, its effective range was very limited, but since all its component parts could be folded away, it was easily concealable.
Apache is the collective name for several culturally related groups of Native Americans in the United States, aboriginal inhabitants of North America, who speak a Southern Athabaskan (Apachean) language. The modern term excludes the related Navajo people. However, the Navajo and the other Apache groups are clearly related through culture and language and thus are considered Apachean.
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a French -developed air-launched anti- runway missile , manufactured by Europe an arms company MBDA
Apache is a 1954 western film starring Burt Lancaster.
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The Apache is the name, used in Lindy Hop, for a dance move in which the man guides the woman's arm around her back at waist level, taking that hand in his other hand. Typically, the man puts the woman's right hand behind her back, taking her hand in his right hand.
Acute physiology and Chronic Health Evaluation
Optimara miniature variety. See Little Apache Girl.
Apache was a computer game released by Team17 in 1995 for Windows and DOS. It was a one-player horizontally scrolling shoot 'em up.
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a low profile helicopter as far as noise and size go
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a two-man bird
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Glossary of Terms
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the language of the Apache people