Definitions for "AOL"
America on Line—founded in 1985 as a revolutionary service that provides prompt assistance to Internet users, allowing them to locate anything quickly without having to invest much time in sifting through the overwhelming information available on the World Wide Web. AOL's mission is to build a global medium as central to people's lives as the telephone and television.
America On Line. You knew that, right? Well, if you didn't, there it is. America On Line is the largest Internet content provider out there, though it's not accessible outside of North America and Europe. See AOL's web site for much more information.
AOL is an on-line service. It is simply a connection between your computer and whatever it is that you need to connect to (such as a news agency, weather, sports, the Internet, etc.). In this case it is Unimatic and Apollo. AOL is the only on-line service that has an agreement with UAL to access Unimatic and Apollo from outside the property. You must have a membership with AOL in order to access them.
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Arrow of Light. The highest Cub Scout rank, earned in the second year of Webelos Scouts (5th grade). This is the only Cub Scout rank that may be worn on the Boy Scout uniform.
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Application Object Library - the components and GUI standards that Oracle employs when it develops applications. AOL is shipped with Oracle E-Business Suite ( Oracle Applications).
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aorta and large arteries
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Any One Loss.
What is AOL