Definitions for "Anvil"
An iron block, usually with a steel face, upon which metals are hammered and shaped.
the incus. See Incus.
To form or shape on an anvil; to hammer out; as, anviled armor.
Anything resembling an anvil in shape or use.
The cirrus outflow forming the top of a large thunderstorm giving it (the storm) an anvil shape.
The spreading out (by strong winds) of the upper portion of the thunderstorm. It usually has a fibrous or smooth appearance. With long-lasting thunderstorms, the anvil may spread more than 100 miles downwind.
An internal metal component in a cartridge primer assembly against which the priming mixture is pinched by the firing-pin blow. See Primer.
Internal part of Boxer primer. The anvil is raised in the centre to form a cone, and has three legs which rest against the bottom of the primer pocket, spanning the flash hole. It offers concentrated resistance to the firing pin as it dents the primer, crushing the priming compound between them, which is ignited by the resulting sharp friction.
In the priming system, a fixed metallic point against which the priming mixture is crushed and thereby detonated by the action of the firing pin.
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The code name for the Allied landing in the South of France in August 1944.
Operational code name for the Allied invasion of the South of France, August 1944.
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The term most commonly used to identify that part of the crimping die - normally stationary - which positions and supports the terminal during crimping. Sometimes referred to as "nest."
the backup piece that positions and supports the parts being welded, sometimes called welding nest.
The press plate against which the die cuts.
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An alternate name for nosepiece.
A surface, usually stone that functions as a resting place for the object during production. Characterized by localized indentations and pitting generally near the center.
a scene, a piece of dialogue, a plot development, etc
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An insert, either solid or hollow, which is used on the underside of a panel to resist the installation force.
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