Definitions for "Antimicrobial"
Killing or suppressing the growth of microorganisms; also, any antibiotic or antifungal medication.
Antimicrobials helps the body destroy microbes by affecting their growth and multiplication, Herbs with this ability include fennel, fevergfew, myrrh, pau d'archo, rhubarb, tea tree and uva ursi.
capable of suppressing the growth of microorganisms
Immunohistochemistry Proteins
Immunohistochemistry Skunks
Hypersensitivity Recurrence
Immunoassay Receptor
Hepatocellular Receptor
Gastroenteritis Polypeptide
Hybridization Polypeptide
Hepatitis Potassium
Hepatic Pyelonephritis
Hepatic Oncogene
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Keywords:  pentoxifylline, fistula
Fistula Pentoxifylline
Keywords:  labile, symptomatic
Labile Symptomatic
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Keywords:  glutamine, parietal
Glutamine Parietal
Keywords:  handwashing, reagent
Handwashing Reagent
Keywords:  giardia, protozoa
Giardia Protozoa
Keywords:  heparin, postoperative
Heparin Postoperative
Phytopathology - Horticulture
Keywords:  gingivitis, prosthesis
Gingivitis Prosthesis
Keywords:  influenza
Keywords:  scabies, infertility
Infertility Scabies
Keywords:  genitourinary, posterior
Genitourinary Posterior
Keywords:  prednisone, heartburn
Heartburn Prednisone
Keywords:  granulocyte, perforation
Granulocyte Perforation
Keywords:  psoriasis, gels
Gels Psoriasis
Instillation Prostatitis
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Hemorrhage Precipitation
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Homogeneous Proteins
medications given for prevention and treatment of bacterial, viral, and fungal infections.
A drug used to treat a microbial infection. See the entire definition of Antimicrobial
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