Definitions for "Anova"
ANOVA stands for an alysis va riance, a method by which the source of variability is identified. This method is widely used in industry to help identify the source of potential problems in the production process, and identify whether variation in measured output values is due to variability between various manufacturing processes, or within them. By varying the factors in a predetermined pattern and analyzing the output, one can use statistical techniques to make an accurate assessment as to the cause of variation in a manufacturing process.
Analysis Of Variance is based on comparison of estimates of variances. In general this looks at the ratio of the amount of variation accounted for by the fitted model or specific part of the model (e.g. regression model, treatments) to that accounted for by random error, allowing for the fitted model. The ratio is then compared with an F distribution.
Analysis of Variance. Researchers use this statistical procedure to test differences between means of two or more groups.
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a technique for testing the hypothesis that sample means of several groups are derived from the same population
Can be thought of as a generalisation of the t-test to apply to more than two groups. Post-hoc tests can be used to identify where differences are.