Definitions for "Annotations"
Keywords:  statute, brief, alr, blurbs, redacted
Remarks, notes, case summaries, or commentaries following statutes which describe interpretations of the statute.
Fundamentally, when you see the words "annotation" or "annotated" you are alerted to the fact that “case blurbs” are being used in some fashion. How the case blurbs are being used will vary depending on the context. When dealing with statutes the word "annotation" or "annotated" refers to the "case blurbs" that follow a particular statute section. The case blurbs serve the function of fleshing-out the statute by helping to define and explain the statute. When discussing the case finding tool American Law Reports (ALR), the articles are often called "ALR annotations." ALR is really just a huge outline covering a given topic with case blurbs allocated into this outline. In the most obtuse terms the words "ALR annotation" refer to "a term of art and of the legal profession for one of the articles in an annotated series of law reports which follows the report of a case of interest and importance and treats a point or points of the case exhaustively on the case authorities."
Same as Take Notes formerly known as My Notes. A feature that allows users to make electronic notes on course content pages. It is called Annotations in the Main Options screen in Designer Options where the instructor/designer adds to the Action Menu of a Content Module or an individual page.
Comments about the moves of a game, as, for example, in the Masters of the Universe games in this book.
Special text and graphic objects, such as instructions in a template, which appear on your screen but normally do not print.