Definitions for "Annotation"
A note, added by way of comment, or explanation; -- usually in the plural; as, annotations on ancient authors, or on a word or a passage.
A brief description, evaluation or explanation of an article, book, database or other publication.
Dimensions and notes which can be added to drawings. They can be plotted out to pass information to the shop floor or to print out an area of concern to give back to the CAD room or leader. The Appearance icon is used to access the Product & Manufacturing Information form, and from there to annotations. Screen annotations are not tied to the part. In Drafting Setup, Master Modeler or the Drafting/Detailing package dimensioning capabilities are available so you can add dimensions and notes to a part.
Text on a drawing or map associated with displayed graphic entities.
additional content or metadata that is appropriate to associate with a resource
Further linguistic information added to a speech signal or text; it may include part of speech labels, indications of morphological significance, and other pertinent information.
An annotation is the generic term used to describe the graphic elements added to a plot which do not represent vehicle positions, or bearings recorded on vehicle-mounted sensors. Examples of annotations are rectangles, ellipses and lines.
viewable object whose location and usually size are set relative to the viewport or data coordinate space of a base plot. There are three kinds of annotations: intrinsic annotations, embedded annotations, and external annotations.
Any collection of elements of a plot whose behavior can be controlled as a group.
supplemental information. Example
An annotation of a teaching certificate recognizes that the holder has additional pedagogy knowledge, skills, and experiences attained on a voluntary basis in the area of the annotation. For detailed information on the requirements for an annotation in Early Childhood Education, visit
Alphanumeric information associated with your videos.
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Term annotation ATerm
a special kind of modifier, and can be used anywhere that other modifiers (such as public , static , or final ) can be used
a special kind of modifier that you can use anywhere you use other modifiers (such as public , static , or final )
a duplicate if it has the same word, reading and translation as a previous entry
a duplicate if it has the same word, reading and translation as the selected entry
enables the presenter to use a marker tool to illustrate key points during a web conference.
Using the pointing tool, you can annotate pages and files within a Web Conference for all of your guests to view.
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Any marking on a map used for the purpose of clarification. This can include numbers, letters, symbols, and signs. The name of a town or river could be considered map annotation.
a mutable collection of attributes which may be attached to terms
Elements in an Ink Markup file that describe meta-data, or semantic information, about the traces themselves (See ink annotation)
a way to connect your sources to each other, and more importantly to your research project
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a set of possible values, and such a set is not always the set of all objects of a specific Python type
a vehicle for the student to pay attention to one craft element at a time
a kind of electronic post-it and may start a discussion about the annotated part
(Usually written) analysis of the moves played in a game and their variations.
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See license annotation.
a property P associated with a referent R, meaning that “R has property P,” denoted as R.P
The process of locating genes, their coding regions, and their functions.