Definitions for "ANGA"
Keywords:  laghu, anudrutam, drutam, limb, tala
any of several taaLa movements, such as laghu, drutam, or anudrutam
A part of the body; ex. A limb or A leg.
The body; a limb or a part of the body; a constituent part.
A Ksetraja son of Bali, born of Dirgatamas. Father of Khanapana. After him was the Angadesa. Father of Dadhivdhana born without apana
Earliest reference to Angas (अंग) occurs in Atharava Veda (V.22.14) where they find mention along with the Magadhas, Gandharis and the Mujavatas, all apparently as a despised people''.
A fundamental category of the yogic path, such as asana, dharana, dhyana, niyama, pranayama, pratyahara, samadhi, yama.
Keywords:  champa, ganga, bengal, kingdom, borders
A small kingdom on the borders of Bengal. Its capital, Champa, on the river Ganga, was a port of considerable importance.
Keywords:  lit, part, body
lit. part, body
Keywords:  sub, division, part
A sub-division, part.