Definitions for "Anesthesia"
Drugs given to you during surgery to eliminate or reduce surgical procedure pain.
The loss of normal feelings especially feelings of pain, with or without a loss of consciousness. Anesthesia brought about for medical or surgical purposes may be topical, local, regional, or general depending on the area or organ involved. A drug capable of causing a state of anesthesia is called an anesthetic.
total or partial loss of feeling or sensation, usually defined with respect to loss of pain sensation; may be general or local
Keywords:  sthesia, sthetic
Same as Anæsthesia, Anæsthetic.
Keywords:  polytherapy
Keywords:  febrile, peroxidase
Febrile Peroxidase
Keywords:  palpation
Keywords:  fibrinolysis, overdose
Fibrinolysis Overdose
Keywords:  photophobia, gingivitis
Gingivitis Photophobia
Keywords:  hoarseness
Keywords:  postnatal, glycoproteins
Glycoproteins Postnatal
Keywords:  ginseng, postoperative
Ginseng Postoperative
Keywords:  gemcitabine, pancreatic
Gemcitabine Pancreatic
Keywords:  preclinical, interferon
Interferon Preclinical
Keywords:  ganglion, perineal
Ganglion Perineal
Keywords:  hemolysis, pneumonia
Hemolysis Pneumonia
Keywords:  genitourinary, prenatal
Genitourinary Prenatal
Keywords:  gynecology, ovum
Gynecology Ovum
Keywords:  puberty
Keywords:  parathyroid, herpes
Herpes Parathyroid
Keywords:  polyposis, hepatic
Hepatic Polyposis
Keywords:  hydronephrosis, plasma
Hydronephrosis Plasma
Keywords:  frostbite, poisoning
Frostbite Poisoning
Keywords:  ploidy, paralysis, hormones
Hormones Ploidy
Hormonal Paralysis
Keywords:  anoxia, horn, anterior
Anoxia Anterior Horn
Keywords:  pleura, hybridization
Hybridization Pleura
Keywords:  pulmonary, incision
Incision Pulmonary
Keywords:  hypertension, proteins
Hypertension Proteins