Definitions for "Anecdote"
Unpublished narratives.
A particular or detached incident or fact of an interesting nature; a biographical incident or fragment; a single passage of private life.
4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12 A brief narrative of an interesting, unusual or biographical event often used to illustrate a point.
Keywords:  honest, datum
an honest datum
Keywords:  unsupported, assertion
an unsupported assertion
a more flexible way of introducing humour into your speech and does not need to be harmful to be funny
a "storiette" depicting a true experience and containing a primitive sense of plot and characterization
a biased sample of size one, and as such is statistically meaningless
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a data point that science wants to ignore
a data point you don't want to deal with
a single data point, and you can't get a curve from that