Definitions for "ANDREW "
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one of the twelve apostles of Jesus; brother of Peter; patron saint of Scotland.
(New Testament) disciple of Jesus; brother of Peter; patron saint of Scotland
One of the emissaries of Messiah (Hebrew Andrai; Aramaic Andraus; Greek and Latin Andreas).
Andrew is the English form of a given name common in many countries. Other forms include 'Andreas', 'Andrés', 'André', and 'Andrea'. 'Andrew' is a common name in English-speaking countries including the UK and the United States.
ANDREW's Not a DVD Ripping and Encoding Wizard, but an interactive wrapper to simplify the use of oggenc, mencoder, and mkv/ogmmerge to create, from a DVD, one or more Matroska or Ogg Media files containing an ISO/IEC MPEG-4 Part 2 compliant video track, encoded using the FFmpeg libavcodec or the XviD codec, one or more AC-3 or Vorbis audio tracks, a chapter index, and, optionally, one or more sub
Flooded - S6 - Third of the trio of Villains who try to take over Sunnydale. He seems to have the hots for Warren.
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Naval Andrew Miller or the Andrew. Slang name for the Royal Navy. It comes from a very zealous Press Gang officer of the name of Andrew Miller, of whom it was commonly said that he pressed so many men into the Navy that it was practically his own property.
My first name. My Father's first name. My Father's Father's first name.
a Chartered Accountant and is the finance director and company secretary of Delta Biotechnology Limited a UK subsidiary of the French pharmaceutical company sanofi-aventis
Andrew is a station on the rapid transit Red Line at Dorchester Avenue at Andrew Square, by Southampton Street, Dorchester Street, and Boston Street in South Boston Massachusetts.
an associate professor at Brigham Young University
a UK based photographer who specialises in black and white imagery and artwork
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a simple, five-step method