Definitions for "Anderson"
United States author whose works were frequently autobiographical (1876-1941)
United States physicist who studied the electronic structure of magnetic and disordered systems (1923-)
United States dramatist (1888-1959)
Anderson, Andersson or Andersen is a surname deriving from a patronymic meaning "son of Anders/Andrew" (itself derived from the Greek name "Andreas", meaning "man" or "manly").
The Anderson was a United States automobile company; considered the most successful automobile ever built in the U.S. South, it was manufactured by a South Carolina carriage works from 1916 to 1925. Cars were sold by an active dealership all across the country.
Anderson is a stop on the South Line (Route 201) of the C-Train light rail system in Calgary, Alberta. The station was, until October 9, 2001, the southern terminus of the South Line, and is located at Anderson Road and Macleod Trail. The station is located primarily near residential areas, as well as the Southcentre Mall.
Anderson is a lunar impact crater that is located on the far side of the Moon. It is located to the northwest of Sharonov crater, and the satellite crater 'Sharanov X' is attached to the southeast rim of Anderson. To the northeast is the peculiar Buys-Ballot crater formation, and to the east-southeast lies the larger Spencer Jones crater.
Freighter which was following behind the Edmund Fitzgerald by about 10 miles for most of its journey.
a well-mannered woman who has resigned herself to a life of drudgery, both at home with her husband and at work with her male bosses
a member of the Program in International Management (PIM), a consortium of management schools that facilitates student and faculty international exchange
a support group for survivors of childhood sexual assault