Definitions for "and this"
a chance for us locals to check out the cute handmade goods in person
a good, clean comfortable motel, which I chose because of its proximity to the subway station
a proposed letter to the Civil Rights Division regarding requests for information about summonses and warning data from the Cranbury and Moorestown stations with a cover sheet to the Attorney General
Keywords:  great, rosary, tau, sigma, wonderful
a great area where we can promote the ideals and purposes of Tau Beta Sigma
a great bargain for both individuals and families
a great help to someone trying to learn the Rosary and the pictures of our lord and our lady are wonderful thank you so much
a huge offseason because of their free agency situation
a huge win for our domestic manufacturers
a part that will probably be very popular amongst OEMs and low cost PC manufacturers
an opportunity for self-congratulatory navel-gazing
Keywords:  goodman, unit
a Goodman unit
Keywords:  asap, skinny, concern, get, call
a concern, call them ASAP and get the skinny
Keywords:  fantastic, site
a fantastic site
Keywords:  weekend, holiday, long
a long holiday weekend
a design basis accident which means all the safety related systems must work under LOCA condition
a permanent condition (Truth
Keywords:  peices, journal, sub, scan, stem
a sub account in which I will scan in pages from my journal that I write as most of my peices on DA stem from this book
a key factor abetting Indian hardware acquisitions
Keywords:  pedro, mets, enough, start, take
a enough to take them on Under when start against Pedro and the Mets
Keywords:  collector, absolute
an absolute must for the collector
Keywords:  fur, thing, seems, whole, recent
a good thing
a recent picture, so the whole fur thing seems a little out
Keywords:  fiction, fan, site
a site for fans and fan fiction
Keywords:  pics, ride, link
a link to some pics of my ride
Keywords:  pharmacy, don't, online, problem, face
a problem that you don't have to face when ordering online from our pharmacy
Keywords:  obvious, york, address, area
an obvious area for York to address
Keywords:  british, story
a very British story
an important national issue etc
an important pick-up for several reasons
Keywords:  minimum, figure
a minimum figure
Keywords:  small, company
a small company