Definitions for "and it"
Keywords:  wonder, fun, nitelife, beach, sight
a fun place for the whole family
a lot of fun to drive
a really fun poker community
Keywords:  shame, nwa, mutilated, damn, bod
a damn shame the way that the local, state and federal government is handling the crisis
a long way down
a long way to travel to the Easter states
a little faster
a little more schizophrenic than that
a nice little zine put together by the Belfast Green Action
an excellent bitter, hoppy beer
an excellent candidate for the manufacture of high-performance labels, tapes and decals
an excellent game
a grave threat to public health, putting the profits of the pharmaceutical industry above public health
a serious public health threat
a threat to marine life because the sonar is very deadly
Keywords:  truetype, nobody, altavista, crm, want
a minds-eye image of the most cost effective search engine promotion tool available to an unlimited number of your links in AltaVista, Google, and CRM / customer service software to sell something nobody wants, it could be bad
a TrueType font, with which you can type, design, calculate, view documents, or do whatever you want to do
Keywords:  karas, lockheed, martin, john, exciting
an exciting time for all of us," said John Karas, vice president of space exploration at Lockheed Martin Space Systems
a true embarrassment to have a Christian organization joining forces with the OCA in such an evil endeavor
a division of a major company which is very reliable and reputable
a major component of our international strategy
a major determinant of DNA-binding specificity recognizing the CC doublet of the target site
Keywords:  dative, advantage
a dative of advantage
a kick being a centrifugal type blower it is only boosting as the rpm comes up and the throttle body is open
Keywords:  fantastic, baseball, venue
a fantastic baseball venue again
Keywords:  laborious, bit
a bit more laborious
Keywords:  wenger, musing, solution, over
a solution that Wenger is musing over
a free, one-stop resource center dedicated to assisting entrepreneurs who are starting or growing a small business
a group dedicated to fostering the delivery of IT services via ITIL
Keywords:  amazing, church
an amazing church
a gift with purchase if you preorder the Cinderella DVD from them
a purpose of the present invention to detect such siRNA fragments produced in vivo
Keywords:  mater, time
a mater of time
Keywords:  convex, polygon
a convex polygon
Keywords:  sylvania, globe, shiny, leaf, green
a sylvania with shiny plates, globe style with the green sylvania leaf on the top
Keywords:  passion, mine
a passion of mine
Keywords:  dynasty, league, reason
a dynasty league for a reason
a common mechanism by which cancer preventing genes (tumor-suppressor genes) are inactivated in cancers
Keywords:  adventure, consider
an adventure he would consider
a direct opportunity to gain experience in the field of child endangerment and nonprofit business administration
Keywords:  bph, approved, treatment
an approved treatment for BPH
Keywords:  navada, drive, hour, one
a one hour drive to Navada
Keywords:  hobby, talent, popular, interest
a very popular hobby, talent, and interest
Keywords:  ect, box, mail
a "Mail Box Ect
an integral part of the Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences
a service being offered by the Philatelic Bureau
a regular recipient of the "Chairman's Award"
Keywords:  crucial, disaster, chain, link
a crucial link in the chain during a disaster
a system that matches address criteria on the cardholder's statement to reduce chargebacks
Keywords:  killer, pity, apart, efforts, work
a killer on my weight, work full time
a pity that instead of working together, efforts are done to work apart
Keywords:  grey, fine, car, budget, licensed
a fine low power budget receiver
a Grey Market car and I cannot get it licensed
a very fine car
Keywords:  brilliant, machine
a brilliant machine
Keywords:  island
an island which
Keywords:  hardship, fixed, low, people, incomes
a hardship for people on fixed incomes and low incomes
Keywords:  pleasure, progressing, well, help, way
a pleasure to help in my small way
a pleasure to see it progressing so well
a powerful antioxidant that may block free radical damage to cell membranes and body chemicals
Keywords:  criminal, violation
a criminal violation
Keywords:  inexpensive, menu, item
an inexpensive menu item
a resource document that can be used by other animal welfare organisations, students, government agencies etc
Keywords:  privilege, watch, brand, able, cable
a brand to watch for
a privilege to be able to watch it all on cable
a uniquely Canadian designation, it goes beyond any standard and may not be needed
Keywords:  pretty, ride
a very pretty ride
a member of American International Group, Inc
Keywords:  knit, place, totally, close, different
a close knit place
a totally different place
Keywords:  competitive, market
a very competitive market
a programming framework with a rich set of services for
Keywords:  longer, version, action, drug
a longer action version of the drug
a direct replacement, it looks different but all the same plugs etc
a tradition of the people surrounding them
Keywords:  problem, real
a real problem
Keywords:  size, large
a size large
Keywords:  issue, pricing
a pricing issue
Keywords:  business, owned, small, women
a small,women-owned business
Keywords:  risk, own, program, your
a use at your own risk program
Keywords:  player, first, recorder, rate
a first rate player and recorder
Keywords:  closed, set
a closed set