Definitions for "Anatomical"
Gestures Phenotype
Hematuria Phenotype
Keywords:  gels, postoperative, prenatal
Gels Prenatal
Gels Postoperative
Keywords:  perivascular
Keywords:  perioperative, gastritis
Gastritis Perioperative
Gastroenteritis Peristalsis
Ganglionectomy Perspiration
Keywords:  flatulence, plague
Flatulence Plague
Fasciculation Polypeptide
Keywords:  flutamide, psychology
Flutamide Psychology
Keywords:  proteolytic, groin
Groin Proteolytic
Keywords:  glycine, polymorphic
Glycine Polymorphic
used to describe a contoured, or teardrop-shaped implant thought to give a more natural shape to the breast. These implants are textured to help prevent the implants from "flipping over" or "upside down" in their pockets.
Knit to accommodate the contours of the body.
Keywords:  overdose, genotype
Genotype Overdose
Keywords:  exogenous, parkinsonism
Exogenous Parkinsonism
Keywords:  fibrosis, pneumonia
Fibrosis Pneumonia
Keywords:  psychiatric
Keywords:  gait, postural
Gait Postural
Keywords:  osteoporosis
Of or relating to anatomy or dissection; as, the anatomic art; anatomical observations.
an expression that relates to anatomy
of or relating to the structure of the body; "anatomical features"
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Grade Peritonitis
Keywords:  poisoning, fluorescence
Fluorescence Poisoning
Keywords:  progressive
Keywords:  life, real
Life-like or real.
Keywords:  structure, organism
the structure of the organism