Definitions for "Anarchy"
Absence of government; the state of society where there is no law or supreme power; a state of lawlessness; political confusion.
Hence, confusion or disorder, in general.
The absence of a centralized international authority. (Mingst 5) Close Window
a promotion on the rise, and barring the unforeseen derailments that come with the treacherous territory of indie wrestling, this company will put on even better shows in the not too distant future
Anarchy, released in 2000, is the fourth album from Busta Rhymes (born Trevor Smith). It comes after the release of The Coming, When Disaster Strikes and Extinction Level Event (Final World Front). The album, having topped the Billboard R&B Albums chart for a week soon was certified it’s platinum status.
Anarchy is a 1994 album by anarcho-punk band Chumbawamba. Many of the tracks address specific social problems, such as homophobia, strikes or fascism.
In his pamphlet entitled Anarchy (Italian L'anarchia), published in 1891, Errico Malatesta seeks to explain the fundamental tenets of, and provide a persuasive argument for, his version of anarchism.
Anarchy is a card game, typically played with a standard 24card deck. It could reasonably be considered as a rummy variant, and may be similar, or identical, to 'australian rummy'.
a place where every person controls and defends himself, and no overwhelming force tries to interrupt this natural process
a place where most people correctly identify the relationship between self-restraint and self-preservation
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a group of people going against organized rule, often any organized rule