Definitions for "Anarchist "
An anarch; one who advocates anarchy of aims at the overthrow of civil government.
Those who hate all government and authority and who seek to tear the nation down. Included are bombers, gangsters and assassins.
an advocate of anarchism
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a voluntarist
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Another name for a member of the Revolutionary League.
The Anarchist (Tike Alicar), is a fictional character from Marvel Comics, that was a member of the superhero team X-Statix. He first appeared in X-Force #116 and was created by Peter Milligan and Mike Allred. He could sweat acid, which allowed him to fire acidic blasts of energy from his hands.
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a person who thinks the best year of his life was the year he moved out of the dorm in college, smoked lots of dope, ate lots of pizza, and got laid a lot, and was constantly broke
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One who wants to do away with the existing social disorder ( per Adolph Fischer, who well knew).
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a bourgeois turned inside out
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Anarchist is a tactics RPG. It draws heavy influence from Final Fantasy Tactics.