Definitions for "Ananda"
Keywords:  bliss, joy, disciple, happiness, cousin
bliss or happiness.
Buddha's cousin and follower.
The Buddha's cousin and one of his primary disciples. He memorized and recited the Buddha's teachings, and so was known as the Dhammabhandagarika, "treasurer of the teachings."
Ananda: emphasis on meditation This gentle yoga combines breath awareness, affirmations, and yoga postures to move from body awareness through energy awareness to, finally, silent, inner awareness. The use of affirmations while in the asanas is a distinct feature of ananda yoga. This yoga style was developed by an American named Donald J. Walters, known as Swami Kriyananda. He devoted 45 years of his life to studying the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda.
Keywords:  lakhs, bhava, kalpa, brahma, lord
The Lord of first Kalpa consisting 100 lakhs of years by name Bhava, this is the place of Brahma
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Ananda is Mexican singer Paulina Rubio's seventh Spanish-language album and Rubio's eighth studio album as a solo artist and was released on September 18 in Latin America and Spain and September 19 in the United States.