Definitions for "Anamorphic"
Distorted, as in an optical system with different magnification levels or with focal lengths perpendicular to the optical axis.
A method of storing widescreen video on DVDs. The original 16:9 widescreen image is squeezed horizontally and stored on disc in the standard 4:3 video resolution or typically letterboxed on a standard television monitor, or cropped to 4:3 aspect ratio. The DVD player then stretches it back out to the original aspect ratio for display, either to a widescreen monitor or typically letterboxed on a standard television monitor. See also aspect ratio.
Shooting 16:9 visuals and recording them to a 4:3 frame size is referred to as shooting anamorphic video. In this process, the active area of the 16:9 program is stretched vertically to fill all 480 lines. This can be done in software or using an anamorphic lens.
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Andante Anechoic
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