Definitions for "Analogy"
A resemblance of relations; an agreement or likeness between things in some circumstances or effects, when the things are otherwise entirely different. Thus, learning enlightens the mind, because it is to the mind what light is to the eye, enabling it to discover things before hidden.
Conformity of words to the genius, structure, or general rules of a language; similarity of origin, inflection, or principle of pronunciation, and the like, as opposed to anomaly.
a process of reasoning whereby two entities that share some similarities are assumed to share many others.
(a nal´ o jee) [Gr. analogia: resembling] • A resemblance in function, and often appearance as well, between two structures which is due to convergence in evolution rather than to common ancestry. (Contrast with homology.)
Resemblance in characteristics (e.g., body form, behavior) as a consequence of independent adaptation to the same or similar environmental conditions and not due to common ancestry; Related Terms: Homology
n. Reasoning in which from certain and known relations or resemblance others are formed.
An irregular language change that reduces irregularity within a language by keeping the relationship between phonotactics, syntax, and semantics transparent, it is expressed mathematically in the form a:b = c:d. It occurs when the expected form is overgeneralized and applied in situations where an irregular form is the standard, thus the expected form gradually becomes the new standard.
Parallel development of a form. Analogy is particularly apparent when an irregular form regularizes, ie, develops in parallel with the regular ( productive) forms of the language, eg vencer now has the past participle vencido rather than the medieval vençudo. However, analogy can sometimes result in the irregularising of a regular form: andar has developed the irregular Preterite form anduve, presumably by analogy with other irregular Preterites in -u-e ( tuve, supe, etc).
Rule change in which speaker extends a rule to items not previously covered by it. Children often overgeneralize the past tense of know as "knowed" by analogy. This kind of overgeneralizing shows that "hypothesis-testing" rather than "imitation" is the principal form of language acquisition (Daniels 18). In the history of English, holp, the past tense of help, was replaced by helped by analogy. Ease of articulation or simplification is one cause of language change over time.
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a child learning to walk
a white male that walked three downhill miles gets a gold medal while a black male that ran six uphill miles is denied a bronze medal
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A scene-based environment for the creation and performance of live electronics pieces, using Csound patches, VST plugins and an assortment of native DSP and GUI elements.
a football player," said Forman, a Torrey Pines High freshman
a mapping from one cognitive representation to another
A cognitive process in which an example or schema is used to map a new solution for a similar problem. analysis phase First of the Instructional System Design phases (ADDIE). The purpose of this phase is to determine what the job holder must know or do on the job and to determine training needs. Also see front-end analysis
a balloon filling up with water, stretching as the pressure increases
an egg, where the whites are the oceans and the yolk, the solid part of the earth
an imploding air balloon deep in ocean water
an illustration of how something works or looks by showing how it is similar to something else
a teaching tool, a way to draw a picture to make something more clear to the listeners by showing them something they understand and saying, "It's like that
A statement that compares something new to something familiar. Analogies are used to make abstract information concrete and to organize complex bodies of information.
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The process of creating or modifying a particular name on the basis of an existing name or pattern in the language. For example, the Mrs. Tea teamaker is analogous to the Mr. Coffee coffeemaker.
a car moving on a roundabout watching traffic move slowly on the outer lanes,as the faster car overtakes the slower moving cars on the outer lanes they appear to move backwards and then move forward again
a car with one lock on the ignition and another on the hood
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a Grand Prix race against Schumacher
a group of hikers splitting into subgroups as they take separate paths, only to reunite into the original group when the paths reunite
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See homoplasy.
a steam locomotive traveling down the tracks when the wind is blowing orthogonal to its motion - it will leave behind "puffs" of steam which are advected by the wind from the point where they were released
a mobile - no matter how the objects on a mobile rotate, they are still connected in the same way
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to show a likeness in one or more ways
a standard crossword puzzle that you do on a commute, vs The London Times puzzle
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an orange juicer which juices oranges
a petition for habeas corpus in the federal court challenging the jurisdiction of a state court
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a mechanical pendulum
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a bigger satellite TV dish in your back yard in order to collect a faint transmission but more importantly to point at (focus upon) a selected part of the sky
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a poor source for "arguement" because
a fast food restaurant, where you see a whirlwind of employees milling about serving fast, clean, processed food
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a similar character state present in two or more species of organisms that is derived from different characters in their common ancestor. The opposable digits of Pandas and humans are analogous as the Panda's digit is formed from bones in the wrist while the human's is formed from the first digit --analogous adj.
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a parcel conveyor
a squirrel running along an overhead power line
a relationshuip between a pair of words
a type of word problem that often appears on standardized tests
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a stone tablet, which once it has been carved into is marred for life
A relation or correspondence in function, between organs or parts which are decidedly different.
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a Class is like a cookie cutter used to make cookies
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a can of soda which makes bubbles of carbon dioxide when pressure is reduced by popping the top
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a black asphalt road after rain
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an attempt to divert your attention
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a match in a dark room
a tennis match
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a hash as is used in password verification
a conformation in pattern between unrelated objects
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a bit more complicated
a taking by the Government of a leasehold interest in property in whole or in part
an oil well, which takes advantage of the long accumulation time in a reservoir
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a cage of birds, each flying around on its own, while the cage itself is being moved
a doctor who, knowing that he could save a patient with the oxygen in his possession, fails to administer it
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a company that relies exclusively on price cuts to gain market share
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a married couple
a telephone conversation in which, good manners aside, both parties can talk at the same time
a method of illustrating a situation A by considering another situation, B, which has some features common with A
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Proportion; equality of ratios.
Mental process that makes connections between relations in two sets of objects.
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a very case specific
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a computer program