Definitions for "Anaglyph"
A stereogram in which the two views are printed super-imposed in complementary colours; a three-dimensional image is rendered when the stereogram is viewed through spectacles having filters out of the same two colours, usually red and green.
Picture printed or projected in complementary colors which combines the two images of a stereoscopic pair in such a manner that one image appears in one color and the other in a complementary color, and which gives a stereoscopic image when viewed through spectacles having filters of corresponding colors; used for training in stereoscopic vision.... read full article
A stereograph with two images on top of eachother. One image is red and one is blue. The images are then viewed through red and blue glasses. Other colors are sometimes used. Not he best way to view color images.
Any sculptured, chased, or embossed ornament worked in low relief, as a cameo.
anything carved in low relief
A sculpture or decoration in which the form projects from the background.