Definitions for "Anabaptists"
radical Protestant sect of the 16th century that called for a return to the ideas of the first Christians and common ownership of wealth.
during the Reformation any of several groups who insisted on "rebaptizing" believers on the basis of "believer's baptism" only. They are spiritual forebears, but not organizationally linked with the later Baptists. Their descendants today are Mennonites.
A European Christian movement at the time of the Protestant reformation, whose origins are a matter of debate. They believed in adult baptism, freedom of belief, separation of church and state, the rejection of war, and other beliefs that were rather advanced for their time. They were terrible persecuted, both by Roman Catholicism and Protestant churches. The Amish and Mennonites trace their origins to the Anabaptists. Some theologians and historians include the Society of Friends ( Quakers) and Moravians among the Anabaptist denominations.