Definitions for "Amt"
alternative minimum tax. A federal income tax applied to individuals and corporations that take advantage of tax benefits in amounts that are large relative to their incomes. Investors subject to AMT lose the benefits of the tax exemption for interest paid on otherwise tax-exempt securities.
See alternative minimum tax.
Alternative Minimum Tax. A parallel tax system which disregards certain preferential tax treatments, created to ensure that wealthy individuals and corporations pay some income tax.
Autoridad Metropolitana de Transporte
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Academy Military Trainer
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Alyeska Marine Terminal
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AUSTRAC Management Team
An administrative territorial division in Denmark and Norway.
Advanced Manufacturing Technology
The Association of Manufacturing Technology has been dedicated to supporting and enhancing the activities of American manufacturers since its founding over 90 years ago.
American Management Technology
An Amt is a name for subnational administrative units used in some northern European countries. It is generally larger than a municipality, and the term is thus roughly equivalent to "county".
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annual exclusion annuitant
Amtrak (National Railroad Passenger Corporation)
Association of Meridian Therapies
Advanced Mathematical Thinking, a working group of the British Society for Research in Learning Mathematics
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Angle of Maximum Turn