Definitions for "Amps"
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Advanced Mobile Phone Service - US analogue phone system
Advanced Mobil Phone System
Advanced Mobile Phone SystemÏÈ1/2
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A measure of the amount of pressure (volts) and current (amps) working together to produce power (watts).
the amount of electrical current going through the motor.  Twelve amps is the highest allowable in the US for a single appliance on 110 volts.  That comes to 1300 watts.
A measure of the amount of current a tool uses. Higher ratings generally means the tool is suited for heavier use.
Aviation Mission Planning System
Administrative Monetary Penalty System. The Administrative Monetary Penalty System (AMPS) is a civil penalty regime that secures compliance with Customs legislation through the application of monetary penalties. AMPS largely replaces the use of seizure and forfeiture provisions for technical infractions. AMPS applies to contraventions of the Customs Act and the Customs Tariff and the regulations there under, as well as contraventions of the terms and conditions of licensing agreements and undertakings. Customs
Administrative Monetary Penalty System. A comprehensive and fair sanctions regime to address non-compliance with customs legislative, regulatory, and program requirements through the application of monetary penalties.
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Amperes Mtg Mounting
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Cabinets Combos Heads Power Amp Preamp Stacks
Micro-Adaptive Multi-domain Power-aware Sensors
MIT organization that provides multimedia, video, web, videoconferencing, and course management educational technology services to the MIT community.
AMTEL Annual fund operating expenses
(All Media Product Survey) bi-annual large scale survey managed by the SA Advertising Research Foundation but undertaken, on contract, by private market research agencies.
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See Auction Market Preferred Stock.
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AMPS defined
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See Ampere