Definitions for "AMP "
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AMP is a framework-independant Java API that enables processing of AJAX requests in a normal MVC pattern. It is currently integrated with the Spring framework to allow for easy configuration. It was inspired by Ruby on Rails partials.
Unit for measuring Amperage.
Abbreviated form of ampere.
One of the four nucleotides in an RNA molecule. Two phosphates are added to AMP to form ATP.
a nucleotide found in muscle cells and important in metabolism; reversibly convertible to ADP and ATP
adenine monophosphate. AMP has no high energy bonds. It is created in the cell from ATP when ATP is used to accomplish some task that requires energy.
A job control keyword, used on DD statements, to specify data set buffering parameters (e.g. for the CICS Global Catalog). CICS autoinstall model table.
2-amino-2-methyl-1-propanol; Buffer for pH range 9.0-10.5
An organic pH adjuster used to maximize the effects of styling products. !-- ctxt_ad_partner = "1549268267"; ctxt_ad_section = ""; ctxt_ad_bg = ""; ctxt_ad_width = 250; ctxt_ad_height = 250; ctxt_ad_bc = "ffffff"; ctxt_ad_cc = "ffffff"; ctxt_ad_lc = "ac1a1c"; ctxt_ad_tc = "333333"; ctxt_ad_uc = "333333";
Amp is an electronic space rock band formed in London by Richard.F.Walker (also known as Richard Amp) in 1992, after collaborating with David Pearce (Flying Saucer Attack) on the The Secret Garden and the Distance projects. Amp recorded the audio cassette/short story Green Sky Blue Tree with Ray Dickaty (subsequently a member of Moonshake and Spiritualized, amongst others), while Walker was studying at the Royal College of Art in 1992. After a two year break, Amp resurfaced with French vocalist Karine Charff, Bristol experimentalists Matt Elliott (Flying Saucer Attack and later The Third Eye Foundation) and Matt Jones (Crescent) on board.
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Autoridad Marí tima de Panamá
Associaç ã o para Medicina Preventiva
Association of Music Podcasting
Amp was an music video program on MTV that aired from 1996 to 2001. It was aimed at the techno and rave crowd and was responsible for exposing many electronica acts to the mainstream. When co-creator Todd Mueller (with Jane King) left the show in 1998, it was redubbed Amp 2.0.
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for amplifier. An electronic device that receives electronic signals from mikes, tape decks, or mixers. The signals are mixed together, increased, and sent over wires to speakers as amplified sound.
Amplifies signal from mixer, sends signal to speakers
Devise which amplifies a signal. Audio or video signals.
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udio PEG layer Is a MP3-Player that is able to play back audiofiles. Way back AMP in WinAMP stood for a decoding engine called "AMP" Player
Advanced MP Players
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alt.binaries.amp A rather amazing newsgroup, that hosts an incredible variety of graphic images. NOT primarily porn, though there is a large number of playboy, etc. scans. Many active and lurker devotees. (Several months later... Yep, an absolutely amazing site. This place has thousand of interesting pics a day.)
A new messenger program.We've got great plans with this project and want to make it open source.We know we are different to all other messengers and as far as we know the only real p2p program in contradiction to for example
Aviation Modernization Plan
Asset Management Plan; a structured approach for utilities to achieve long term defined service standards – or – an external bearing used to isolate the final drive from the thrusting force of the machine.
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Allen McColloch pipeline.
hipod—A crustacean of the order Amphipod including the sand fleas and beach hoppers. There are 3,000 species of amphipods.
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An abridged version of Ampere.
Asian Massage Parlor
(Acronym) “Asian Massage Parlour”.
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AIN maintenance parameter
Average manufacturer’s price
Average Manufacturing Price. All pharmaceutical manufacturers must report the average manufacturing price to the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). CMS rebate prices are based on AMP. For states, rebates on generics are AMP-11%; brands are AMP-15.1% or best price, whichever is lower. Brands must sell to Medicaid at the lowest best price they sell to any commercial customer.
See: asymmetric multiprocessor (AMP)
Amplifier A device that uses an active component to increase the voltage or power of a signal without distorting its waveshape.
Alternative Marine Power
Access Module Processor, Teradata's name for a storage node.
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colloquial name for ampere.
Assistant Missionary Program [formerly Short Term
short for amplifier.
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a reputable company
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a one page snapshot of your captures from the various sites
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Air Member for Personnel
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Analysis of Mobility Platform
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Amplified sound output
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Amplify Damage
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Automatic mortgage payment.
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See ampere.