Definitions for "Ammonia"
A gaseous compound of hydrogen and nitrogen, NH3, with a pungent smell and taste: -- often called volatile alkali, and spirits of hartshorn.
Alkaline ingredient used in some permanent hair color. It works with the developer, sending a chemical action which decolorizes the hair.
A waste product of protein metabolism; normally excreted through the kidneys.
An alternative rock band from Australia, Ammonia made a name for themselves in the 1990’s, producing a mixture of grunge and guitar pop (a sound they described as ‘pop-metal’). The group began in 1992, initially comprising guitarist Dave Johnstone (ex Hideous Goldsteins), drummer Alan Balmont (ex Dear Octopus, Cherrytones) and bass player Phil Natt (Favourite Game). This line up performed under the name Fuzzswirl, and following departure of Natt, continued to perform with a variety of bass players around their hometown of Perth.
Gastroenteritis Peroxide
a corrosive chemical that can cause serious respiratory problems, irritation or burns to the skin and eyes, and in extreme cases, death
A chemical in the blood that is normally removed by the liver.
A chemical that is produced when urine or manure is mixed with water. It has a strong odor and as an air pollutant it can cause or worsen skin, eye and respiratory (breathing) problems, and other illnesses.
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Homogeneous Preclinical
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Fibrinolytic Potassium
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Enzyme Overdose
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Amonton's law AMP
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Hormones Prevalence
Avoid unnecessary risk of any nature for a few weeks after dreaming of this substance.
A refrigerant most common to large capacity ice making systems.
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A product of protein digestion.
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a water solution of ammonia