Definitions for "Amin"
(also Aamin, Aameen, Ameen): Custodian or guardian. Someone who is loyal or faithful. Amir: means leader or commander.
trustworthy; title for the holder of an official position such as the head of a guild.
Amin is a male Arabic given name that means "faithful, trustworthy". The female equivalent is Amina.
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Amin is female Japanese pop/folk duo composed of Takako Okamura and Haruko Kato that debuted in 1982 with their smash hit "Matsuwa (待つわ)". They disbanded quickly, however in November 1983. But, a reformation and a new album is planned for summer 2007.
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O' Allah, accept our invocation.
the principal financial officer of the aljama; see pp. 88ss.
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So be it. May He make this complete.