Definitions for "Ambassador"
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A minister of the highest rank sent to a foreign court to represent there his sovereign or country.
An official messenger and representative.
The highest honor conferred by the U. S. Jaycees. This most distinguished form of recognition signifies an individual's exceptional contribution to the Jaycee movement and can be bestowed on the state or chapter level.
fifties-vintage automobile made in India
the major car-brand in India, till recent de-regulation opened up the auto industry to foreign companies. Awaking nostalgic memories in British tourists of the old Morris Oxford, the Ambassador has been exported as a retro curio, and its antiquated engine design has emitted much more noxious fumes and consumed far more gasoline than the oil and dollar-strapped India can afford. Note that the roots of this monopoly-serving protectionism go back to M.K.Gandhi's vaunted Swadeshi Movement.
traditional Indian automobile
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A very minimalistic CIFS/SMB server targeted at AmigaOS but written with portability in mind.
one who is appointed to interpret the mind of his ruler to those in a foreign land
Ambassador is the title of the first full length album released by the Canadian deathcountry band Elliott Brood. It was released in October of 2005 on the independent music label Six Shooter Records.
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an anachronism
a member of Project Vote Smart who provides the Project's publications and voter information services to members of their community and makes presentations within their communities
a trained and knowledgeable volunteer community member who performs a two-fold function
The member responsible for handling our relations with OUSU Requires that rare combination of political skill and endless patience.
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an emissary, one who goes in the place of a sovereign, in order to bring good news and to initiate peace
Calendar Ambassadors are those individuals who are responsible for approving events that have been submitted by guest users; encouraging event postings for their department or topic; making any minor changes to event information; or deleting events that are incorrect or inappropriate. Ambassadors will check for and approve submitted events each day.
a spy who is authorised by international law
a leader that leads by example and with integrity by focusing on serving others
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He has been the American ambassador to Japan for five years.