Definitions for "Alternatives"
Set of responses in a multiple-choice item; correct alternative is the answer; incorrect alternatives are distractors
Alternatives provide the range of choices people consider before making a decision. Comparing the value of alternatives allows people to make better choices. For example, banks provide a range of alternative choices for their customers. The customer needs to decide which is the best choice for them.
Options among which to make choices.
A number of different solutions and approaches that must be evaluated and chosen to attain the objectives of a project.
Actions and products that can be substituted for environmentally harmful and hazardous ones.
Review of the means available and the impact of trade-off s to attain the objectives. [D00077] PMK87
Investment strategy which looks at non-traditional asset classes such as Real Estate.
Founded in 1994, Alternatives, Action and Communication Network for International Development, is a non-governmental, international solidarity organization based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
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are those provisions that are employed in lieu of a strict adherence to the Code which are deemed acceptable by the chief building inspector.
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When you use a different item than something that’s normally used. For instance, instead of using petroleum-based ink, an alternative would be to use ink that’s soy-based or water-based.
methods that refine existing tests to minimize animal distress, reduce the number of animals needed for an experiment, or replace whole-animal tests.