Definitions for "Alternative text"
Keywords:  img, src, mouse, tag, reader
In HTML, text placed inside the image source tag. If a graphic image does not appear on a browser screen, the alternative text appears in place of the graphic image. The same text appears when end users view a web page with a text-only browser. Also known as alt text.
This is the text placed inside image tags in HTML to describe images. This text replaces the image in text-only browsers. In some browsers (Internet Explorer) this text is displayed when the mouse rolls over an image. Alt text is also useful for Search Engine ranking, although the impact is minimal.
or alt text. This is provided to enable screen readers to read a description of an image normally inaccessible. An alt attribute allows descriptive text to be attached to certain objects on a web page written in HTML, not only providing visual clues as to the purpose of the objects, but also providing a description that can be read out by a screen reader to the visually impaired user. The accessibility wizard will guide the designer to place alternative text into images.