Definitions for "Alternation of generations"
The fluctuation between the diploid (sporophyte) and haploid (gametophyte) life stages that occur in plants.
a life cycle alternating between a diploid (=sporophytic) and haploid (=gametophytic) generation as found in certain protists and plants.
lifecycle of sexually reproducing plants in which a haploid form (gametophyte) alternates with a diploid form (sporophyte).
cyclical alternation between parthenogenetic and bisexual generations, e.g., Cynipidae (Hymenoptera) and Aphididae (Hemiptera: Sternorrhyncha) (T-B; Mayr; Chapman); see heterogeny.
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Amaryllis (capsule example)
This term is applied to a peculiar mode of reproduction which prevails among many of the lower animals, in which the egg produces a living form quite different from its parent, but from which the parent-form is reproduced by a process of budding, or by the division of the substance of the first product of the egg.