Definitions for "Altered State of Consciousness"
Any State of Consciousness that differs (whether or not that difference can be noticed by the experiencer or an observer) from the three theoretically discrete "ordinary" States of Consciousness — that is, waking consciousness, dreaming consciousness and sleeping consciousness. The number of possible ASCs is presumably infinite. See text, Chapter 10. See also, " consciousness," " State of Consciousness" and " Transpersonal Consciousness."
A mental state in which the balance between the conscious and unconscious mind is profoundly changed, such as in the case of " hypnosis" or the dream state.
On this site I use this term to describe a state of consciousness other than a normal waking state. I use this as a catch-all category for experiences that cannot be neatly defined as a dream, vision, past life memory, or ghost story.
Any shift of the focus of one's attention away from a clear connectedness to the immediate external environment.
modified alertness and responsiveness level