Definitions for "ALT tag"
Keywords:  hover, img, mouse, tag, textual
The HTML tag describing an image that appears when the mouse is rolled over the image on a Web page. Helpful for people who view pages in text-only mode. Some search engines look for keywords in ALT tags.
The term "alt tag" is sometimes incorrectly used instead of the correct term " alt attribute". Actually as hard core developers will tell you, in HTML their is no such thing as an "alt tag". Technically, tags are things like p or /p that you use to mark up your page and the alt attribute sits inside a tag, like this: img alt="" / . Calling an attribute a tag is a common mistake.
The text description of a graphic on a web page in case of graphics being turned off in the browser.
Keywords:  erroneous, attribute, common, name
Common name (erroneous) for the alt attribute .