Definitions for "aLt "
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One of several liver enzymes. The level of the ALT enzyme is measured by blood tests. If the level of this enzyme is high (particularly if the level is repeatedly high) it suggests that the liver may be inflamed.
One of several liver enzymes measured during blood tests. Elevated (high) ALT level (particularly if the level is repeatedly high) suggests that the liver may be inflamed.
ALT is an enzyme found mostly in the liver. When the liver is damaged, ALT is released into the bloodstream.
A German ale noted for its copper color and less wine-like taste.
The German word for "ale". Alts are produced in all parts of Germany with those of Düsseldorf area being quite dark and those from Westphalia traditionally having more of a blond color.
The word means "old," and in Germany altbier simply means pre-lager beer - i.e., ale. Usually amber or copper with a somewhat bitter bite.
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Newsgroups that start with the three letters "alt" are devoted to alternative topics – for example, Unfortunately, many of the most pornographic newsgroups are alt groups.
One of the areas in Usenet News. In the alt. area alone, there are hundreds of subgroups with discussions ranging from Siberian huskies to safe sex.
A wide range of topics
als is an php/Mysql script for hte maintainace of any kind of league with quarter / third or halftimes. Full administration frontend is deliverd as statistics viewable by visitors.
Alternate-style jersey. Many NHL teams have created a third jersey, worn on special occasions, in addition to their home (white) and road (colored) jerseys.
Short for alternate-style jersey. Many NHL teams wear a third jersey in addition to their home colored and road white jerseys.
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The Alternative key on a keyboard. To initiate the Access Key, type the allocated number/character while holding down the ALT key.
Some games allow you to have more than one character (I have two). If you do, you refer to your other characters as your alts, as in alter egos or alternates.
A key that, when used in combination with a mnemonic, opens a menu corresponding to a name on the menu bar. On a keyboard, the key may be ALT, Meta, or Extend char.
see Association for Learning Technology
Advanced Learning Technology
Association for Learning and Teaching
Abbreviation of alternative. Image tag attribute that specifies the text that will be displayed when graphics are turned off in a browser, if a browser does not support graphics, or if the user employs a text-to-speech synthesizer. Graphics on a Web page should always use an alternative (ALT) text attribute.
Alternative HTML tag that takes the place of graphics on text-only browsers.
This ALT command is used and comes very handy when displaying images on text browsers, since text browsers can not display GIF files the ALT allows you to describe the graphic so the user (viewer) knows what he/she was supposed to see.
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ALT (1995) was a 1 off recording experiment featuring former New Zealand band Split Enz frontman Tim Finn, Northern Irish singer/songwriter Andy White & the frontman of the Irish band Hothouse Flowers, Liam Ó Maonlaí.
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Alberta NFH Newfoundland Hydro
airborne laser tracker
Argon Laser Trabeculoplasty
The telomerase independent mechanism, ALT stands for Alternative Lengthening of Telomeres
Automated Loop Test System. The operations system that provides a single comprehensive automated test system for testing international customer POTS lines.
Accelerated Life Testing. The process of simulating five years of use within four weeks. Testing includes exposing athe phone to a variety of extreme environmental conditions as well as cycles that mimic several years of use.
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alternate pat pattern
Assistant Language Teachers
Association of Teachers and Lecturers
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altitude Report this Word Added by: Raad
American Depositary Receipt ADR American Depositary Receipt Fees
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Alternative investments Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT)
angular distance above the horizon (especially of a celestial object)
Application Load Table. A table used in earlier versions of CICS to specify the loading of applications in main storage.
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The altitude of each site is the height above sea level measured in metres.
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ACRONYM - Altitude ( 099)
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Acute Long Term Care
Automatic Language Translation
Represents a first order alternator speed related vibration
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The higher part of the scale. See Alto.
Alternative Trading System. This term is defined under section 301 of the U.S. Securities Act.
alternative (often very)