Definitions for "ALS"
See Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. A fatal, neuromuscular disease that causes rapid deterioration of minor cells in the brain and spinal cord, ultimately leading to impairment of mobility, speech, and respiratory functions. It is more commonly known as Lou Gerhig's disease.
thickening of tissue in the motor tracts of the lateral columns and anterior horns of the spinal cord; results in progressive muscle atrophy that starts in the limbs
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Alternate Line Service - gives a second "line" with a separate phone number (only supported by Orange in the UK)
Advanced Life Support. Advanced life support skills performed by an EMS practitioner or service, e.g. intravenous fluids and drug administration.
Advanced Light Source
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Autographed Letter Signed
Autograph letter, signed
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Airlift Squadron (USAF)
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Anti-lag system. Technology in which fuel is burnt half in exhaust manifold (instead of cylinder) to keep turbo-charger spinning during non-acceleration (like gear-shifts or quick brakings). Aim is to reduce turbo-lag and maintain constant power.
Active Lining System targets different materials within thelining of the garment to provide specific areas of of breathability, warmth and comfort.
Automatic Light Sensor
Approach Light System
Alternate light source. Equipment used to produce visible and invisible light at various wavelengths to enhance or visualize items of evidence (fluids, fingerprints, clothing fibers, etc.). The light will cause possible biological stains to change color or fluoresce, assisting in the location process.
Arrowhead Library System, a federated regional public library system with headquarters in Mountain Iron, Minnesota
Australian Landsat Station; renamed to Australian Centre for Remote Sensing (ACRES) in 1986.
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A Living I P P B Art Simpson
American Lumber Standard. Grading standards and nomenclature for American softwood lumber.
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See myotrophic ateral clerosis.
Adult Learning Service (of the Public Broadcasting Service)
Assistive Listening System for groups of people.
Abbreviation for Automatic Landing System.
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Application Layer StructureÓ¦Óòã1/2
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Active Line State