Definitions for "Alloy"
Keywords:  nonmetal, zinc, bronze, mixture, brass
Any combination or compound of metals fused together; a mixture of metals; for example, brass, which is an alloy of copper and zinc. But when mercury is one of the metals, the compound is called an amalgam.
The quality, or comparative purity, of gold or silver; fineness.
A baser metal mixed with a finer.
A composite material produced by blending polymers or copolymers with other polymers under selected conditions to achieve greater physical properties.
In plastics, a blend of polymers with other polymers or copolymers.
Two or more immiscible polymers united, usually by another component, to form a plastic resin having enhanced performance properties.
Admixture of anything which lessens the value or detracts from; as, no happiness is without alloy.
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a programming tool which allows the developer to embed all dependent files within the programmers main exe file
a language for modelling and analyzing software abstractions
Silver-colored filling material; may also refer to a restoration (filling).
the state of impairing the quality or reducing the value of something
Refers to material specification. For Example, the aluminum standard alloy is 6063.
make an alloy of