Definitions for "Allocation"
An allotment or apportionment; as, an allocation of shares in a company.
The process of determining how organs are distributed. Allocation includes the system of policies and guidelines, which ensure that organs and tissues are distributed fairly to those waiting.
The systematic distribution of a limited quantity of resources over various time periods, products, operations, or investments. see also asset allocation.
The process by which IPO's are distributed to collectors. If the issue quantity is less than the amount of cards ordered, cards are distributed based on a number of factors. These factors can include the number of orders received, the amount ordered by the collector, and the date/time each order was placed. Related: Sellout.
The amount of stock granted by the underwriter to an investor in a traditional offering. The allocation may be less than the requested amount if demand for the offering was greater than the number of shares available.
A limited quantity of merchandise that is ordered and sent to the stores, usually less than a full order
A part of a lump-sum appropriation which is designated for expenditure by specific organization units and/or special purposes, activities, or objects. In Federal usage, a transfer of obligational authority from one agency to another.
The process of determining the most appropriate recipients of donated organs and tissues, frequently used as synonymous with sharing.
The amount of authority and obligation which is transmitted and set apart in a transfer appropriation account.Allocation is used to further the purposes of the original fund or appropriation.
a vital component of the WCMSA submission, it is only one vital component
a vital component to any WCMSA submission to CMS
An assignment of economic resources to uses. Thus, in general equilibrium, an assignment of factors to industries producing goods and services, together with the assignment of resulting final goods and services to consumers, within a country or throughout the world economy.
This describes the process by which the court assigns or allocates the claim to one of the 3 county court tracks.
(computer science) the assignment of particular areas of a magnetic disk to particular data or instructions
The process of apportioning costs (or revenues) to products or various departments of an organisation.
An accounting method typically used to apportion a cost or expense based upon estimated usage or volume. For example, the cost of operating a Service Desk/Help Desk or Support Centre is often allocated among its various customer groups based upon headcount, number of workstations, or service volumes.
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The amount of premium actually used to purchase units. Under various charging structures less than the full premium will be allocated to purchase units in the early years of the contract.
The amount of a given commodity food a school district will receive once purchased by the U. S. Department of Agriculture and delivered to the state.
a list of surplus amounts, , for the players
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The process of determining ownership rights to the gas delivered to a meter.
the process of providing space in memory for values created during program execution. See also garbage collection.
The process of partitioning a network into areas that satisfy one or more criteria. For example, a public transportation authority might wish to establish bus routes and stops such that every likely commuter resides within five minutes' walking time of the nearest stop.
(1) A designated number of tons to be manufactured for a region and/or customer. (2) A reservation of paper/board from inventory to fill a customer order.
A breakdown of the purchase price usually required when a business is sold. For example, the allocation might contain a breakdown of the inventories, fixtures and equipment, leasehold improvements, goodwill, and any other purchased assets. Generally, value is placed on each component of the allocation and the buyer and seller agree on this breakdown. The IRS requires that such an allocation be a part of the buyer's and seller's tax return when a sale takes place; Form 8594, the “Asset Acquisition Statement”, must be filed with the buyer's and seller's tax return for the year in which an “applicable asset acquisition” takes place.
Allocations in inventory management are the actual demand created by sales orders or work orders against a specific item. A firm allocation is an allocation against specific units within a facility, such as an allocation against a specific location, lot, or serial number. Firm allocations are also sometimes referred to as specific allocations, hard allocations, hard commitments, holds, frozen allocations, or reserved inventory. Standard allocations simply show that there is demand while firm allocations reserve or hold the inventory for the specific order designated.
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The process of deciding which investment (choice or combination of choices) best fits your goals, time horizons, and capital availability.
how one's accumulation is divided among all the TIAA-CREF accounts or among the different asset classes of investments.
Differences in how one divides their investment choices (stocks and bonds).
An official calculation done by the Pinelands Commission to determine the number of PDCs to which a parcel of land is entitled. The allocation is identified in a Letter of Interpretation (LOI).
the right of access to a parcel of wood.
the combination of emerging and reemerging beetles from one tree going from source to sink trees, i.e., from trees that have been attacked to those being attacked.
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(property) Similar in concept to CLOS slot allocation, storage for a property can be arranged in one of the following ways: Primitive, if stored as a CLOS slot; Explicit, if stored on the basic-thing property list slot; or Virtual, if computed rather than stored. By default, a property is primitive if the object has a CLOS slot of the same name, and explicit otherwise. However, note that it is possible to shadow this attribute, so the presence of a slot does not automatically mean a primitive property.
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The number of shares given to a client from an offering.
a maxi shares type and you can't open another type eg a mini-cash ISA
Allocation of emissions allowances.
Under an emissions trading scheme, permits to emit can initially either be given away for free, usually under a 'grandfathering' approach based on past emissions in a base year or an 'updating' approach based on the more recent emissions.  The alternative is to auction permits in an initial market offering.
The process by which the operations department of a brokerage firm matches mortgage pools to orders for generic pools according to PSA's good delivery guidelines, and subsequently notifies purchasers and sellers which mortgage pools will be delivered on the settlement date.
See Order Allocation.
The final size of a widget within its parent. For example, a widget may request a minimum size of 20×20 pixels, but its parent may decide to allocate 50×20 pixels for it instead. See Also requisition .
The volume of water a licence holder is entitled to extract during a year, subject to licence conditions and availability. Currently, only licence holders on regulated rivers supplied by irrigation dams have an allocation. ( See also Off-allocation flows)
a type of PlanElement which represents the Asset that will complete the Task
The admission of an item in an account, or an allowance made upon an account; -- a term used in the English exchequer.
a pool of resource credits associated with an account for use during a particular time period
Computer resources, measured in service units (SUs), awarded to academic users or purchased by industrial partners.
6 The determination of what goods and services will be produced from available resources. Allocation can be done with markets or with hierarchy.
A method for appraising a site (land) by comparing other site values as a percentage of total value of a site (including \improvements). Property x has a total (improved) value of $100,000. The land is worth $35,000. The term is often (and incorrectly) used synonymously with abstraction.
areas of land identified on the Proposals Map for specific land uses, but without planning permission (see commitment).
Allocation of value is the individual assessment applied to land and improvements to make up the total property.
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1452 to 1492 MHz.
the allocation of parts to particular customers when supply is short
Amount of a brand or grade that a mill tells a merchant it may have to supply all customers until a specific date.
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The designation of a band of frequencies for a specific radio service such as GSM.
a share set aside for a specific purpose
A limit on the number of a specific product a customer can purchase over a designated time period.
The act of putting one thing to another; a placing; disposition; arrangement.
a set of sequences whereby each sequence indicates the set of trains that are driven by one particular engine of a certain type
Allocation, in the sense of a model with multiple levels of abstraction, refers to calculating the effect on lower level parameters of a higher level parameter according to the functional relationship between them.
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entry of a case into the multi, fast or small claims track.