Definitions for "Alley"
Keywords:  lane, abutting, frontage, bowl, street
A narrow passage; especially a walk or passage in a garden or park, bordered by rows of trees or bushes; a bordered way.
A narrow passage or way in a city, as distinct from a public street.
A passageway between rows of pews in a church.
One of the areas outside the singles court that come into play in doubles. The alleys are 4 feet wide.
extension of the court by 1-1/2 feet on both sides for doubles play
The area of the court between the singles and doubles sidelines, also known as the tramlines
The space between columns. Width may vary depending on the widths of columns, size of text type, or whether text is justified.
The space between two page columns.
The space between two columns of text; also called column gutter (see also gutter).
A choice taw or marble.
a fine marble used as the shooter in playing marbles
where badminton was played before legalization in 1873.
a perfectly safe place to sleep, where your car, your purse, and your virtue will remain safe from pillagers and plunderers
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The area between the BREAKER CARDING and FINISHER CARDING MACHINES in which the ALLEY TENDER works.
A walking area for cattle within a barn, as a loafing alley or feeding alley.
Keywords:  unihabited, rubbish, pathway, odd, know
a nasty unihabited pathway between two buildings - you know, full of rubbish and the odd body
Keywords:  outfielders, gap, section
The section of the outfield between the outfielders. Also "gap."
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(1 definitions) hairpin net shot
What you roll on. One of the intricacies of the game is that no two alleys are the same. There are long ones, short ones, those with wooden pins, some with plastic pins, some with heavy balls some with light balls.
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A clear track.