Definitions for "Allen"
Allen is an english name and surname which means "little rock." Variant spellings include Alan, Allan etc.
Allen is a surname, and may refer to many people (reported as #27 in a list of common surnames in the USA It is of Scottish origin, coming from aluinn meaning handsome
a soldier of the American Revolution whose troops helped capture Fort Ticonderoga from the British (1738-1789)
The Allen was an American automobile, built at Forstoria, Ohio between 1913 and 1921. The company used Sommers four-cylinder engines, and acquired that company in 1915. The 1920 Allen 43 was a handsome craft, featuring bevel-sided touring coachwork and a high-shouldered radiator.
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a workhorse like a Mack Truck
"Allen" is the second episode of television series Prison Break which was first broadcast on television on August 29, 2005. The episode is written by series creator Paul Scheuring and directed by Michael Watkins.
United States comedienne remembered as the confused but imperturbable partner of her husband, George Burns (1906-1964)
an Olympic course designer and an internationally recognized clinician on riding, show jumping, and course design
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A six sided hole in a bolt or screw using an Allen wrench which is a usually a simple L-shaped piece of hex rod but can be a bit or a set of wrenches..
a senior editor, writer, publications designer, and project manager, as well as a scientist, who specializes in biomedical, environmental, and educational publications and Web sites for technical and non-technical audiences
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United States filmmaker and comic actor (1935-)
Allen Auditorium located in the North part of the Arts & Science Building
an excellent source of current and out of print books on hunting
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an HTML expert