Definitions for "Alignment"
The act of adjusting to a line; arrangement in a line or lines; the state of being so adjusted; a formation in a straight line; also, the line of adjustment; esp., an imaginary line to regulate the formation of troops or of a squadron.
The way in which a text is placed in a column or on a page, for instance, flush left and right, etc.
the direction that the body and club are "lined up" in the address position
Generally refers to wheel alignment, which is the proper adjustment of the car's front and rear suspension for camber, toe, caster and ride height.
The proper adjusting of the prosthesis in relation to the residual limb.
The wheel and suspension setting of the factory specification for any given vehicle
The process of lining up two or more sequences to achieve maximal levels of identity (and conservation, in the case of amino acid sequences) for the purpose of assessing the degree of similarity and the possibility of homology.
The pairing of two homologous sequences for the purpose of identifying the location of insertions and deletions.
The juxtaposition of amino acids or nucleotides in homologous molecules to maximise similarity or minimise the number of inferred changes among the sequences.
The degree to which assessments, curriculum, instruction, textbooks and other instructional materials, teacher preparation and professional development, and systems of accountability all reflect and reinforce the educational program's objectives and standards. (Ed Source)
See curriculum alignment.
The similarity or match between or among content standards, performance standards, curriculum, instruction, and assessments in terms of knowledge and skill expectations.
The actions taken to ensure a process or activity supports the organization's strategy, goals and objectives.
The arrangement of the parts of a system to support the overall purpose of the system. Strategic alignment means deliberately arranging all parts of an enterprise, including its IT function and investments in its IT capability, to be consistent with the enterprise's overall business purpose and priorities (mission, vision, measurable goals, strategies, etc.) as a whole.
strategic consistency and synergy
The ground-plan of a railway or other road, in distinction from the grades or profile.
The state of being in line; the ground plan of a railway or other road in contradistinction to the grades or profile.
The horizontal route or direction of an access road.
A condition whereby the axes of machine components are either coincident, parallel, or perpendicular, according to design requirements.
The process of fine-tuning a dish or an electronic circuit to maximize its sensitivity and signal receiving capability.
the adjustment of optical components, such as mirrors and lenses, to bring all of their optical axes in line to maximize performance.
Refers to the proposed routing of either the Improved Roadway Alternative (ASDEIS IRA) or the Build Alternative and associated option areas
The arrangement of standing stones in a straight line, as seen in a stone row. The relationship between an ancient site and some kind of celestial event, such as the solstice sunrise or sunset. For instance, a number of passage tombs are orientated towards a solstice sunrise or sunset so that the rising or setting sun shines into the burial chamber. Some stone circles have outlying stones which act as site marks for the sun or moon at particularly important times of the calendar. The science of deciphering the relationship between ancient sites and celestial events is known as archaeoastronomy. An arrangement of sites of historical interest in a straight line, often over long distances. Such alignments were noted by Alfred Watkins, and led to the development of Leyline theories as attempts to explain them.
the movement of a roadway through the landscape; its curves, straight sections and hills.
The practice of putting into synch mental and spiritual energies with a deity or an astronomical body.
Synchronization of mental and spiritual vibrations with a god, goddess, or astronomical body. Often the complete balance and centering of the chakras is called an alignment.
refers to bringing the four lower bodies: the spiritual, the mental, the emotional, and the physical bodies into complete alliance with one another. They become the channel through which Soul Consciousness is made manifest in the embodiment; also refers to being at one with God, which you are. (see 4 Lower Bodies)
An alignment in archaeology is a secondary or circumstantial form of evidence used to associate features such as postholes by virtue of there physical relationships rather than stratigraphic ones. Features dissected by latter intrusions can have their constituent parts re-associated by looking at alignments.
The act and state of establishing a resonant unity of consciousness, generating psychic connection.
Unity when everyone is working together harmoniously as a unit toward the same objective or purpose.
One of the nine descriptors of morality for intelligent creatures. See the alignment page for full descriptions of each one.
The general pattern of behavior of monsters and characters in role-playing game rules. (D&D 1) For more information on alignments, as per the D&D 3.5 rules, click HERE.
In Dungeons & Dragons , alignment is a categorisation of the moral and ethical perspective of the player characters, non-player characters, monsters, and societies in the game.
(Occultly) means that a lower state has been brought into contact with something still higher; correct, unimpeded relationship; the establishment of a direct channel, not only between the one source, the Monad, and its expression, the purified and controlled personality, but also between the seven centers in the human etheric vehicle.
Matching segments or sentences in translated documents for importation as translation units or sentence pairs in a translation memory tool.
A process that consists of aligning, i.e. creating equivalents, segment by segment, between a source text and the corresponding target text. The resulting table of equivalents will then be used as a translation memory. Alignment thus makes it possible to use previous translations carried out without translation support software. Even with the help of special software programmes, alignment operations nevertheless still require a considerable amount of manual intervention.
The process of comparing a source text and its translation, matching the corresponding segments, and binding them together as translation units in a Translation Memory.
(astronomy) apparent meeting or passing of two or more celestial bodies in the same degree of the zodiac
An alignment of a constructed or natural feature with the celestial movement of the sun, moon, or stars, or with the cardinal directions.
See also Dielectrophoresis and Pearl Chain. A consequence of cells being exposed to an inhomogeneous or divergent electric field, resulting in their movement toward the electrodes, and subsequent alignment or pearl chain formation.
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The orientation of the tag to the reader in pitch, roll, and yaw.
The orientation of the tag to the reader. See Orientation.
Press Pitch
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a faction in a game of Mafia
Representation of a prediction of the amino acids in tertiary structures of homologues that overlay in three dimensions. Alignments held by SMART are mostly based on published observations (see domain annotations for details), but are updated and edited manually.
Set of mappings between ontologies having the role of reconciling the overlapping subsets of the two ontologies.
a way of pairing characters (DNA characters and/or gaps) so that a pairwise sum of distances can be computed
a way of summarizing the various choices
an organization of people (or countries) involved in a pact or treaty
Direct wire path to prevent abrasion, obstruction, damage, or scraping of wire surface
A class of enclosure parameters that provides optimum performance for a woofer with a given value of Q.
The azimuth or actual magnetic bearing of a course.
the degree of agreement, conformance, and consistency among organizational purpose, vision, and values; structures, systems, and processes; and individual skills and behaviors.
An alignment is an assertion of a relationship between a statement in one standard document and a statement in another standard document. See also correlation
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The aiming of your body at address, including the feet, knees, hips and shoulders.
the process of aligning two objects in a common coordinate system. Commonly refers to aligning scan data to reference objects in inspection applications.
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the act of adjusting or aligning the parts of a device in relation to each other
The adjustment of an analog tape machine's tape head and... ( more)
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Making the axis of all rolls in the machine parallel to one reference roll.
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The specific route of the extension.
the process of ensuring that all parts of a company are pulling in the same direction.
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See collection alignment.