Definitions for "Aliens "
Non-United States citizen who is either a non-resident or Permanent Resident Immigrant.
People who owe no allegiance to the British crown i.e anybody who is not a British citizen, a commonwealth citizen, a British subject, a British Dependent Territories citizen, a British Overseas citizen or Irish citizen.
This has a particular meaning in UK immigration and nationality law. Currently, aliens are people who are not British Citizens, Commonwealth citizens, British Protected Persons or citizens of the Republic of Ireland. At different times in history, different groups of people have been categorised as aliens.
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Aliens is a simple Xlib-based Space Invader game designed for the Agenda VR3 PDA. It is played with the PDA device held sideways, and using the buttons on the face of the unit.
Aliens is a run and gun shoot 'em up arcade game by Konami released in 1990, based on the Aliens movie. It picks up mid movie with Lt. Ripley and Cpl.
MSX computers in 1987. The game is directly based off of the popular 1986 film of the same name. Aliens was developed and published by Square, and is the game company's first and only platformer.
Aliens is the key word in the titles of a number of comic book limited series and one-shots, first published by Dark Horse Comics 1988 and set in the Alien fictional universe.
The Aliens novels are an extension of the Alien franchise, with the most recent ones being published by Dark Horse Comics under their DH Press imprint.
Elements incompatible with the American people or American way of life. Usually foreigners; also, subversive elements within the nation (such as alien forces or alien ideas).
Generally speaking, lifeforms that did not evolve on our planet are called aliens.
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A Creature race.
These are plants that have been introduced from other countries planned or accidentally. They may or may not be established or naturalised.