Definitions for "Alice"
A friend of Sarah's from school who asked "what's the other half of him then" when Sarah had referred to Toby as her half-brother. Referenced in the novel.
Name of a young girl in a fantasy story by Lewis Carrol. Much has been made of this fantasy and what it may connotate.
A classic MRF party shot. A carefully layered drink with half a shot of Tia Maria on the bottom, half a shot of Grand Marnier, and a "sliver" of tequila on top. So named because it takes you to Wonderland. Ritual involves a mass shout of "Prepare for shot!" before slamming.
Alice is a 1990 film directed by Woody Allen and starring Joe Mantegna, Mia Farrow and Alec Baldwin.
Alice (real name Carla Bissi, born September 26, 1954) is an Italian singer/songwriter, active since 1971.
Alice is an episode of Star Trek: Voyager, the fifth episode of the sixth season.
Alice is a fictional character of the Resident Evil movies. Alice is also known as, Janus Prospero, Alice Parks, and Alice Abernathy. Alice is portrayed by Milla Jovovich.
Alice is a hard-working engineer from the Dilbert comic strip. She is one of Dilbert's co-workers in the department. She has long curly hair, which transformed into a large and distinctive triangular hairstyle when the character became a regular.
Alice P. Schwarzman is a character in the comic strip Doonesbury.
Inaugrated on 21 November 1983, The Alice was promoted as an all first class journey between Sydney and Alice Springs. No economy seating was provided on the train. Poor patronage lead to the service being terminated on 2 November 1987
Alice (software), is a freeware introductory object-oriented programming software produced by Carnegie-Mellon, an educational programming language. Alice uses a drag and drop environment to create computer animations using 3D models.
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Special purpose LHC detector studying collisions of heavy ions to study quark-gluon plasma, a state of matter that must have existed in the early universe.
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Alice was an American television sitcom series which ran from August 31, 1976 to July 2, 1985 on CBS.
Alice is a costume jewelry mark used by the Alice Jewelry Company of Providence, Rhode Island. The Alice mark was first used around May, 1950. Alice pieces are relatively rare. They are NOT made by Alice Caviness. The intricate Alice earring above is gold-plated with enamel and tiny pearls.
a captivating, intoxicating individual
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a typical young teen with the typical young teen problems that face almost every fourteen-year-old today
All-purpose, Lightweight, Individual Carrying Equipment, US web gear (older, being replaced by MOLLE)
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the police
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Alice picks have some attitude